They're our kids.


My name is James Warren. I'm a parent and a citizen. And I've been inactive on this issue for too long. 

I am not anti-Second Amendment. And we have to do something about guns. We just have to. Too many innocent people, especially our kids, keep losing their lives because we can’t figure it out. And I’m talking about ALLof our kids - not just kids in suburban schools who are often the targets of mass shooters, but also the kids in our cities, in our less affluent neighborhoods, who may live in fear of random bullets finding their stray ways into their helpless bodies.

I realized this sitting in a parking lot the morning after the Parkland, Florida school shooting. While this shooting took place hundreds of miles away from where I live, it could have just as easily been down the block.

My first conclusion was that we must love our kids with words and actions (even, no especially, the troubled ones), that we need to continue to do all we can to help them, teach them, and keep them safe when they’re in our charge.

My second conclusion was that we must prepare them to navigate a world that is statistically safer than it’s been in some time, yet one in which the dangers seem harder to prepare for - one in which the dangers seem eminently more preventable, and yet we struggle to find the courage and unity to prevent them.

We must prevent the preventable when it results in such loss, such heartbreak, such devastation.

And so that's why I want to convene this conversation and work together to come up with a solution. I'm starting locally, but this is a national problem that ultimately needs a national solution. Again, I know many of you are already engaged in this issue from multiple perspectives, and I and others like me have much to learn from you. I hope you'll share your wisdom with us.

In Richmond, I’d like to convene a group in person so we can talk through our perspectives, understand what the challenges are, what’s being done already, who’s leading effectively and what the roadblocks are; map an action plan; and start working the plan. And on this site, we'll collect broader perspective and input and see if we can come up with a solution that works for all of us, that works for our kids.

I have no idea where this will go. I hope it won’t fizzle out. I hope we can find a way to act. They’re our kids. I’m not interested in waiting for Washington to figure it out. Let it start with us. Eventually they’ll follow. 

So again, if you’re interested in exploring - deeply, comprehensively, empathetically and honestly - ways we can keep our kids safe from mass shootings and gun violence, please let me know. Get in touch with me or share your idea here.

We can fix this.They’re our kids. The solution is us.