We can figure out how to stop gun violence.


We are not anti-guns. We are anti-gun violence.

Too many innocent people, especially our kids, keep losing their lives because we can’t figure this problem out. Every day, innocent kids in our cities live in fear of random bullets finding their stray ways into their helpless bodies. Every day, innocent kids in schools throughout our community wonder if today’s the day they will join the list of children shot and killed by a mass shooter rampaging through their hallways and on their campuses.

We came together shortly after the Parkland shooting which happened on February 14, 2018. We were motivated to pursue dialogue and solution in a non-partisan way, and we are united by a common goal: to keep our kids from being shot to death.

As a community, we are responsible for ALL of our children. They are our future.

We must love them with words and actions (even, no, especially, the troubled ones). We need to continue to do all we can to help them, teach them, and keep them safe when they’re in our charge.

We must prepare them to navigate a world that is statistically safer than it’s been in some time, yet one in which the dangers seem harder to prepare for - one in which the dangers seem eminently more preventable.

Until now, we have struggled as a community and a society to find the courage and unity to protect our children and our communities from the loss, heartbreak and devastation that we experience as a result of gun violence. It’s time to safeguard them with action.

That’s why we have convened this conversation: to explore the issues more deeply, shift the conversation to a place where we can collaborate and not debate, and ultimately work together to come up with a solution. We’re starting locally, but we know this is a national problem that ultimately needs a national solution. We also know many of you are already engaged in this issue from multiple perspectives, and we have much to learn from you. We hope you'll share your wisdom with us.

Although we’ve been working together for almost a year, it still feels like we’re at the beginning of this thing. We seek to find a unified way to act. They’re our kids. Let it start with us. We’re not interested in waiting for Washington to figure it out. Eventually they’ll follow our lead.

So if you’re interested in exploring - deeply, comprehensively, empathetically and honestly - ways we can keep our kids safe from mass shootings and gun violence, please let us know. Read our Open Letter. Get in touch with us or share your ideas on how we can make progress.

We CAN fix this. We MUST fix this. They’re our kids. The solution is us.