Read our Open Letter today.
Then share your ideas with us.

If you have an idea, a suggestion, a solution, you are invited to submit it here. We all know that when we work together, we can accomplish great things. So the only rules for submission are these:

  1. No rants. No hate speech. No threats.

  2. Only your actual ideas - or even the start of your ideas (it doesn't have to be perfect). Just say what it is and how you think it will help solve the problem.

Not required for submission, but helpful in case I have questions!

The solution is us.

The question is sadly and terrifyingly simple: how can we keep our kids from being shot to death?

We can't solve every problem we all face, all at once. But we can solve this one, together.

These are our kids, and they deserve our courage and unity. 

Everyone has a role to play, and no one can do it on their own. Parents. Teachers. Elected officials. Concerned citizens. Law enforcement. Mental health professionals. Pro-Second Amendment. Anti-Second Amendment. Left. Right. Rich. Poor. Cities. Suburbs. All races. All faiths. It all matters. All of us - all of you - have a role to play in solving this.

So if you’re interested in exploring - deeply, comprehensively, empathetically and honestly - ways we can keep our kids safe from mass shootings and gun violence, we’d love to listen to your ideas, and help connect them to other ideas so we can keep our kids from being shot to death.

We know many of you are already engaged in this issue from multiple perspectives, and we have much to learn from you.

We will use your ideas to continue to advance the conversation and inform action. All ideas will be included as long as they meet the two conditions above. 

If we have questions about your idea, it would be helpful to be able to contact you - 100% optional. If you wish, please share your contact info so we can get in touch with questions. You can also reach out to us directly or sign up for the mailing list to stay up to date.

We can fix this. These are our kids. The solution is us.