The Solution Is Us Update 5.18.18

Our hearts break again and again. On this day, another school shooting has claimed at least 10 souls near Galveston, Texas. We cannot rest until we answer this question: 

"How can we keep our kids from being shot to death?"

All of us have a role to play in solving this. Here's what we've been doing so far.

Planning for Action

Our Core Planning Team has been meeting weekly to establish foundational objectives, high-level direction, and get clear on what we're talking about (the language of gun violence).

Currently, the Scope of our objectives is focused on the entire Richmond, VA (RVA) Region (suburban, urban and everything in between), with the hope that this carefully developed model might drive interest outside of our region. 

What does success look like for The Solution Is Us?

We have identified Five Key Areas to focus on as a result of idea gathering on our website and a series of local community engagement listening sessions:

  1. Regulation of the purchase and ownership of guns

  2. Increased and enforced background checks

  3. Increased resources and program implementation (focused on improving mental health in the community)

  4. Increased school security and safety

  5. Youth support and mentoring initiatives

Now we are scoping out the work within each of these Five Key Areas:

  • Workstreams

  • Key actions and tasks

  • Timetable and resources needed


In addition to scoping out the necessary action in the Five Key Areas, our work also involves engaging passion and interest in the following areas:

  • Communication and education

  • Community outreach

  • Partnership and collaboration

As part of these efforts, we are creating a Common Glossary. This work focuses on intentionally identifying and defining terms, labels and descriptions which are either heavily charged or reasonably accepted.

And ultimately, we aim to Create a New Conversation. Following a presentation by one of our core members entitled, “Gun Stuff: For the Unenlightened,” we are all in agreement that the most effective, presentations are generated through factual visuals, objective definitions and personal testimonials. We believe that by promoting fact-based AND empathetic conversations, we can increase the level of understanding around this issue, and ultimately achieve solutions.

If you want to get involved, we have a job for you. Please get in touch and be part of the solution.