Stories About Guns


The Solution Is Us is back with another storytelling session in collaboration with Share More Stories: Stories About Guns. This session takes place on Wednesday 8/14 at The Loft at the Hof Garden, 2818 West Broad Street in Richmond, Virginia from 6:00pm to 8:30pm. Please register here.

What do we want to accomplish? We want to change the narrative and broaden the conversation around guns and gun violence. We believe that part of the solution to the various issues surrounding guns is to bring people together from all positions to share their personal experiences. When a personal story is shared, it is hard to discount that person’s perspective, and this act of sharing creates a place for compromise, collaboration, and healing.

Why? Understanding our own perspective on the issues associated with gun violence in schools and sharing our voices allows for movement towards change. These collective voices have been essential to initiating a path of change and no matter how difficult and challenging discussions and debate may be, it is in fact apathy and silence that is our true common enemy. However, polarization fueled by politics and social groups has been allowed to control and limit the dialogue. Group identity can limit our willingness to speak for ourselves, yet it is critical that we do so. Our thoughts and ideas are much more diverse and inclusive than any of the media, politics, or social divides would have us believe. Reclaiming the power of our wide diversity of voices provides opportunity to recognize our common ground and engage in meaningful conversation.

How? We are beginning a series of facilitated storytelling workshops for 20-30 people during which participants craft their own personal stories around gun ownership, gun experience, and gun violence. These storytelling experiences are often reported to be emotional, enlightening, and therapeutic. Share More Stories is our anchor partner and provides the process and tools to both facilitate the sessions, collect the stories, and help us develop insights from what people share.

We hope to see you there - register today.